Terms and Conditions of Warranty 

1.    Covers manufacturing defects in EVIS Sit-Stand Desk in material, workmanship and functionality under the normal use.
2.    Covers a complimentary repair or a replacement of new or refurbished parts or an equivalent EVIS Sit-Stand Desk in case of certified non-repairable manufacturer's defect.
3.    Is valid only in Malaysia.
4.    Is valid only for the original purchaser of EVIS Sit-Stand Desk and is not transferable.
5.    Is invalid if the EVIS Sit-Stand Desk is defaced or altered.
6.    Is valid only for a period of 4 years from the date of this receipt.

7.    Exchange of goods will be assessed by us on a case-to-case basis.

The 2-year limited warranty does not cover:

1.    Table top damages (e.g. bleached, scratches)
2.    Parts that are subject to wear and tear (e.g. table top, flip cover/gourmet, extension socket, table leg surfaces)
3.    Loss or damage to the EVIS Sit-Stand Desk arising from or in connection with (i) abuse, tampering modification and disassembling by unauthorized personnel (ii) negligence and/or 

       misuse (including accident, improper storage, exposure to moisture, excessive temperature, sand, dust, dirt, other pollution or other environmental conditions (iii) fire, flood,     

       lightning strike or other acts of God