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EVIS Malaysia has been providing splendid ergonomic products to the market since 2017. With the aim of bringing innovation and wellness to your Home, Business and Workplace, and so, EVIS brought height adjustable table to life. The ergonomic table is able to boost your productivity as well as promoting health benefits such as reducing back pain, lower risk of heart disease, etc...

EVIS Malaysia is matchless in the ergonomic market with top-notch craftmanship, our sit-stand desk is exceptional with 4 preset memory keys, cable management system, built-in wireless charging and smooth, noiseless 3 stage gears motor. Our core product range contains smart desks, ergonomic chairs, ergonomic accessories, etc.

While we do not focus on gaming accessories, our chairs help improve the ergonomics and well-being of gamers who are facing computers day and night. Our ergonomic chairs are most suitable for professionals, the health conscious, designers, home offices, libraries and even students and gaming individuals.




standing posture

EVIS Smart Desk isn't just a conventional height adjustable sit-stand desk, but a futuristic ergonomic smart desk that comes with smart features and health benefits.

Hop into the ecosystem of EVIS ergonomics collection ranging from EVIS Smart Desk, Ergonomic Chairs all the way to ergonomic accessories for your work and home lifestyle. 

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Table Malaysia

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