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  • What are the standardised dimension and weight of EVIS Smart Desk?
    Standard Size: 150cm X 75cm / 5ft Large: 180cm X 80cm / 6ft Small: 120cm X 75cm / 4ft Weight: Approx. 56 kg
  • How are we different from gaming chairs?
    Gaming chairs typically do not emphasize on ergonomics as much as we do. We go through BIFMA certification, and it's endorsed by chiropractors. So for gamers who are health conscious, our ergonomic chairs let you enjoy the health benefits without jeopardising your wonderful gaming experience.
  • Can I customize the table?
    Yes, you can. However, please note that the pricing may vary depending on colour, size and features.
  • What is the adjustable range of height?
    66 - 131 cm for all EVIS Smart Desk.
  • How to preset my table height?
    Use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust to your preferred height level. Press and hold the "M" button until the digital display starts blinking. Press the numerical button in which you would like to save your desirable height. Repeat step 1 - 3 to save up to 4 preset height levels.
  • Why my EVIS Smart Desk is not functioning?
    If your EVIS Smart Desk is not functioning properly like it used to. Your EVIS Smart Desk might be not able to adjust the height when there's an electric shock, power failure, power cut, etc... Fret not, as this is a safety feature of EVIS Smart Desk to protect the motors. All you need to do is reboot the system by following the reboot procedure taught below. Press and hold on the "up" and "down" buttons together until it goes to its lowest height and sound a "beep". Then you should see the display showing its lowest height and you are good to go! Or you can refer to the video on how to reboot your EVIS Smart Desk below:
  • Why the wireless charger of my EVIS Smart Desk can't work?
    If your EVIS Smart Desk's wireless charger won't charge or charge slowly. Please note that your device have to be wireless charging enabled. Please look for Qi compatible device for compatible use. Wireless charging uses magnetic induction to charge your devices, please make sure that you don't place items such as magnetic cases, metals, or other objects between your device and the wireless charger as it might reduce the perfomance, damage magnetic strips or RFID chips and disrupt the charging. If your case is too thick, it might charge slowly or not charge at all. So please remove cases during use for best results. Please center your device with the wireless charging sign for best efficiency. For more info on compatible devices, click here
  • Where do the products ship to?
    We ship to all states in Peninsular (West) Malaysia.
  • What is the shipping fee?
    We provide free shipping for purchase above RM2500 within Klang Valley. For area outside Klang Valley, we charge the rate based on the distance in km from Kuala Lumpur. Price varries with or without installation service.
  • How long does it take for my item(s) to arrive?
    Your item(s) are expected to be shipped within 5-15 business days from your payment date.
  • Does EVIS provide installation services?
    Yes, we do! For chairs installation, there's a surcharge of RM69 while for the desk is RM200.
  • Can I install the EVIS Smart Desk myself?
    Yes, you can. Kindly refer to the step-by-step video:
  • What is the address of EVIS showroom and operating hours?
    Address 81, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000, Kuala Lumpur. Operating Hours Monday - Friday: 1000 hour - 1830 hour Saturday: 1100 hour - 1830 hour Sunday: Closed *Kindly make an appointment before visiting.
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