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Evolution is Solution.

For decades now, the office workers of Malaysia — over 10 million of them — have been seated at a desk for too many hours a day, enslaved to their computers. The result? As the American Medical Association put it, ‘sitting disease’ has grown to outpace smoking as the #1 preventable cause of death. It has silently contributed to the epidemic rates of chronic ailments in our society — from low back pain, circulatory issues and fatigue, to obesity, diabetes, and ultimately reduced life spans.

Our Story

EVIS has been on a mission to fight the nation’s epidemic health crisis at its root, enabling desk workers to spend less time sitting, and more time standing or walking, while getting their work done. Today, we offer sit-stand desks and the ergonomic accessories to ensure maximum employee health and productivity—than any other company.


EVIS is a brand created by Taurus Brown Sdn Bhd (1171383-V). Our corporate mission is to bring innovation and wellness to homes, offices, and businesses.

Height Adjustable Desk
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