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4 Tips to Create a Productive Workspace at Home

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The current COVID-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we work. The major shift from working in an office to working from home can be a difficult adjustment for some. Changes in a working environment disrupt a person's routine and can cause a drop in productivity.

If you are finding it difficult to cope with working remotely, here are some tips for working from home effectively.

Tip #1 - Increase Natural Light

Letting some sunshine in makes you feel more alert , which helps in creating a more productive workspace at home. Not only that, but sunlight also has other benefits such as helping the body produce vitamin D, and regulating melatonin and serotonin production! This means you will be able to sleep better and experience a mood boost, just by moving your workspace nearer to a window. And as we all know, good sleep, improved mood, and increased alertness are all formulas to working more effectively and boosting productivity.

Tip #2 - Take Effective Breaks

One of the most important work from home tips that people tend to neglect is taking a break. Working through tiredness and exhaustion can eventually lead to burnout. The key to taking a break is to ensure your time away from work is spent effectively. Avoid social media or using your phone, as these can distract you from work and cause you to take a longer break than intended. Instead, use this time to take a short walk, eat a healthy snack or tidy up your desk.

Tip #3 - Add Some Greenery

Plants are a great way to decorate a space, but did you know that adding plants to your workspace is also a tip for working from home effectively? Studies have found that plants can boost psychological wellbeing, reduce stress levels, as well as increase productivity. The colour green is often associated with a positive signal of growth, which is why it can also have a positive impact on your mood. Plants also keep the air fresh, filtering out pollutants to improve the air quality in your work environment.

Tip #4 - Get Comfortable

Not everyone is equipped to work from home, but as we embrace the new normal, it's become even more important to create a comfortable and productive workspace at home. Investing in ergonomic products like laptop stands, wrist pads, and ergonomic chairs is not only for your comfort but for your health as well. By creating a comfortable workspace at home, it reduces the likelihood of developing body aches and back pain.. This enhances overall wellbeing and productivity too.


Looking for ways to create a more comfortable and productive workspace at home? Find your home office solution with EVIS today.

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