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The All-New Smart Desk FE: Functional Ergonomics, For Everyone

Let's talk about it - The Smart Desk FE. The latest in EVIS' pursuit of expanding ergonomic excellence to the market. The Smart Desk FE is the first and newest addition to the EVIS FE Series, a new range engineered for inclusivity, offering an accessible and adaptable workspace for all. True to EVIS' mission and vision, the Smart Desk FE provides an unbeatable combination of functionality, quality, and style without compromising quality.

The Smart Desk FE takes the most important thing you enjoy from EVIS Smart Desk: height adjustability. Press on the keys to shift the desktop to your preferred height adjustment. Transition easily from sitting to standing and enjoy the smooth and efficient process while making sure to always maintain productivity during your working hours.

Ensuring quality is not compromised, The Smart Desk FE is crafted to last. The frame ensures a wobble-free work experience. The sleek design of the tabletop allows for an aesthetic touch while still maintaining the simplistic look that EVIS has always been known for. Sophisticated colour choices of Walnut and Black gives you the option to personalize the desk to your space without the complications of too many choices.

Always wanted to get into the smart desk game but its tight on your pocket strings? Question it no more, at just RM799 the Smart Desk FE can be in your home at this very instant.

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