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Epox Sea Collection

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Product Details

The new EVIS Epoxy desk brings serenity to your workstation, providing you with a gorgeous view of calm waves and a warm beach. Fully height adjustable, transform your workstation into a peaceful rendezvous.

EVIS smart desk reinvents your work and home space. It was designed to make both standing and sitting a natural part of your day. Standing encourages movement, which is key to maintaining healthy lifestyle, improve concentration and relieving neck and back pain.

Product Highlights

  • Electric height adjustable from 60 - 125 cm.
  • 4 programmable buttons to save your preset heights.
  • Enhanced anti-collision technology prevents your desk from continuing to move if it hits an obstacle.
  • Desktop materials of superior quality, glass and epoxy resin.
  • Fully customizable desktop size.
  • Withstand up to 150kgs load
  • Desk comes with a 5-year warranty on all parts of the frame, as well as any electrical or mechanical components.

Lifting Columns

TiMOTION lifting columns are commonly used in medical applications

EVIS lifting columns are specifically designed for use in ergonomic desks and work tables. Work surfaces can be controlled quietly and smoothly with synchronous movement. Our wide range of columns offers customers the solutions they require to satisfy their project requirements.The three stage telescopic outer tube that is designed for a wide-bottom, narrow-top rectangular appearance.

Gear Motors

TiMOTION high-quality gear motors

EVIS's compact size gear motor was designed primarily for ergonomic applications like height adjustable workstations and tables. This gear motor allows fast, smooth and quiet adjustment of built-in spindles through the use of external limit switches. Shafting allows for the mechanical synchronization of dual spindles. Our electronic gear motor system has undergone thorough stress test and quality control.

Control Boxes

TiMOTION control boxes are the

General Specifications

  • Maximum output: 32V DC, 4A
  • Plug support: UK
  • Number of actuators: 2
  • Certificate: UL508, SAA, C-Tick
  • 0.1W standby power consumption
  • Support synchronous movement


Simple yet classic hand control for height adjustable desks. It allows the user to set four preferred heights, and is equipped with a three-digit display. The exceptional design of its interface enhances the user experience. An ideal desk control for everyday use in the office.

General Specifications

  • Memory functionality (4 preset heights settings)
  • 3-digit display shows the height of the desk

Detailed Dimension (mm)

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