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EVIS Jr Smart Kids Desk

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INSTALLMENT: as low as RM80/month

Introducing EVISJr's Smart Kids Desk, the smart desk made to build the next generation. This specially designed desk is crafted with your child in mind; from the scribbles of an art project or a math homework, this desk will meet their every need.

Vibrant Colors: Choose between the soft colours of Baby Blue or Pastel Pink to match your child's personality and room décor. The Smart Kids Desk is not just functional; it's a stylish addition to any playroom or bedroom.

Customizable Height: Watch your child grow alongside their desk! The Smart Kids Desk is adjustable to accommodate different heights, ensuring a perfect fit for kids of all ages.

Tilt-Top Design: Foster a healthy posture with the tiltable desktop. Find the optimal angle for reading, writing, or drawing, reducing strain on your child's neck and shoulders.

Storage Solutions: Keep the workspace organized and tidy. The Smart Kids Desk features built-in storage compartments for pens, pencils, paper, and other essentials, promoting a sense of responsibility and order.

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