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EVIS Foot Hammock

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Sitting hours together at work or at home takes its toll mainly on the lower back muscle, and imparts soreness on the thighs and calf due to unsupported feet. With EVIS Foot Hammock, it supports lower back, legs and feet during long hours of sitting and elevated for better posture and less strain.

It is suitable for people of all heights; this foot hammock provides generous legroom so that you can be comfortable no matter what your foot size is. Adjustable height lets you stretch your legs for increased circulation and comfort.

Length: Up to 194 cm long (approx. 35 cm height from ground)


  • SUITABLE FOR ALL DESKS: The foot hammock is suitable for most desk types without a side apron.
  • FIXED MOUNTS: The C clamps can be adjusted to your most comfortable position and fixed there so you can work at your desk without worrying about your foot hammock sliding or falling down. It also provides a modular mount (easy to detach) which acts as a headphone’s holder/ handbag/backpack holder for an even versatile experience.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made by 100% premium quality cotton fabrics soft, non-abrasive and makes it comfortable for you to stay put longer with your leg up without worrying about sweating or any other discomfort.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Hardware accessories and detailed installation guide are included with this foot hammock.
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