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EVIS Flexor

Go Beyond Comfort.
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INSTALLMENT: as low as RM30/month

Go Beyond Comfort

EVIS Flexor is designed for individuals and athletes who wants the best. Flexor aims to improve muscle recovery after your workout. It is equipped with 6 different massage heads for different muscle areas to ensure superb relaxation. Its compact size is perfect for massaging on the go as it comes with our convenient travel bag.

A portable massage relaxation device that relieve your muscle tightness, soreness, aches and knots. Ergonomically designed to provide the best experience to you.


  • 6 hours of battery life
  • 9 speed fitness mode; 2 level medi mode
  • 6 interchangeable massage heads
  • Brushless motor

6 Interchangeable Massage Heads

Spherical Head: Used for large muscle groups such as arms, thigh and calf.

Air Cushion Head: Reduced vibration for massaging pain spot.

Y-Shaped Head: Suitable for massage of neck, spine, achilles tendon, etc.

Conical Head: Impact deep tissues such as meridian joints, palms, soles, etc.

Flat Head: Relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts.

Finger Head: Relaxation of various muscle parts such as meridian joints, palms, etc.

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