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Bizio Series Chair

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INSTALLMENT: as low as RM42/month

World Class Ergonomic Design

Poorly built chairs can cause long term damage to the back and neck, eventually resulting in lifelong medical issues. Thanks to design decisions we’ve made, our Bizio series will provide incredible ergonomic support for the best gaming experience. The backrest conforms to the shape of the back in a way that naturally improves posture, while the freely included head and lumbar pillows provide additional support keep you comfortable through sessions of any length. Our chairs possess the widely recognised DIN EN 1335 certification, UK Fire Safety Regulations (BS 5852) certification and BIFMA accreditation for office chairs.

World Famous Frog Mechanism

High Quality PU Leather

We produced faux leather variants of its models with covers made from high-class polyurethane. Our hand-picked PU is durable, comfortable, easy to clean and waterproof, which when combined with a cold cure foam core provides incredible comfort and ease of use.

Not only the height of luxury, our leather seating lines are incredibly resistant to damage and moisture, simple to clean, and breathable to maintain a comfortable temperature in any weather.

4 Directional Armrest

Our 4D armrests are endlessly customisable. With numerous options for height, depth, width and angle there is sure to be a configuration for every user.

Soft to the touch and a comfortable place to rest the arms; these polyurethane armrests are firm and well-textured enough to maintain grip effectively.

Solid Steel Base & Highest Class of Hydraulics (Class 3)

Every slice of perfection needs a strong foundation. We utilize incredibly tough, light nylon to create a stable platform for our Bizio series to rest on. Our bases are incredibly resistant to corrosion and rust of any sort, and thanks to the design choices we’ve made they have the capability to support body weights of up to 150kg with ease, even while reclining backwards.

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