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Best practices to switch to a standing desk

Many people that decide to transition to a standing desk end up either not fully utilizing all the features or regret their decision. The process of switching to a standing desk can be a challenging one, do consider these tips to ensure you have the best experience moving forward.

Start simpler, with an adjustable desk

The ideal strategy to gradually increase the amount of time standing and moving to your day is by introducing a height-adjustable desk like the EVIS Smart Desk. By providing the user with the option between sitting and standing with a simple button, it can incentivize a slow transition towards standing at your workstation. The EVIS Smart Desk comes in a variety of different sizes, with cable management solutions and a wireless charger to ensure your workspace isn’t cluttered. .

Pay attention to what your body needs

If after a lengthy duration you feel uncomfortable while standing, you should sit. Listening to your body is crucial as you know what’s best for you. When you first start to stand at your workstation, you may experience a few challenges such as soreness and discomfort as your body has not grown accustomed to the process. This is a very common problem and eventually over some time with constant practice these issues will be alleviated. It is ideal to start by alternating between sitting and standing for your comfort and ease.

Remind yourself to stand

With an extremely full plate at work, it can be difficult to integrate standing if that is unfamiliar to you. It can even be hard to remember when you should take some time to stand, which is why we recommend setting a reminder on your phone to stand at regular intervals for your benefit. The EVIS Intelligent Desk has a built-in smart reminder tool, which you can set to remind you to switch positions after a pre-determined period. The Intelligent Desk also comes with a cup warmer, wireless charger and adjustable lamp, making your workstation the ultimate companion.

Comfort is critical

It can take some time to fully adjust to standing while working, if you aren’t comfortable with it you could lose the motivation to keep going. The best method of staying comfortable and motivated is by having an ergonomic chair and mat.

With regards to the mat, EVIS has developed its very own anti-fatigue mat that can help provide stability and cushion, which will help improve blood circulation while keeping your feet comfortable.

Having a comfortable chair is also crucial, the EVIS Ergopro is fully adjustable and can lean up to 135°, this can help take some of the strain off your feet and lower back when you’re taking a break from standing.

Good ergonomics is important

Having good ergonomics in your workplace will assist in ensuring your physical health is in check, saving you a few trips to the doctor at a later stage in your life. That isn’t the only thing of course, good ergonomics allows you to remain comfortable while focusing purely on what you need to do. Having your desk positioned correctly is vital to maintaining good ergonomics at your workstation, your arms should be at a comfortable 90-degree angle, and your monitor should be on the same level as your eyes. If you need to pan your head upwards or downwards you risk suffering from a sore neck or back in the long run.

The EVIS single-arm monitor mount is perfect at making sure your monitor stays level with your eyes. EVIS has also crafted a dual-arm monitor mount to cater to those with multiple monitors. With the power of technology, we can say goodbye to back and neck strain for good.

Split up your time between standing and sitting to improve your productivity and overall physical health. Take a stand against poor ergonomics and work comfortably with EVIS today.

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